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Mrs. Bhagambhaag: SabNaataka Apna Apna

The morning had been quite peaceful, till hubby declared “I am not feeling very well, will stay at home today”.  “Ayyo, if he stays at home, he will watch news all the time and won’t allow me to watch cartoons. What should I do,” exclaimed Beti in shock. “We will see, first let Mangamma come, the … Continue reading Mrs. Bhagambhaag: SabNaataka Apna Apna

Mrs. Bhagambhaag – Sightless Rule

“What emotion will I face today,” is a thought which always crosses my mind, as I return from office and await my daughter to open the door. It mostly alternates between joy, an eagerness and impatience to share something good, an ask for something promised, complaints, anger etc., but seldom sorrow. Today, it was a … Continue reading Mrs. Bhagambhaag – Sightless Rule

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