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Mrs Bhagambhaag – Sari on the Run

Dear friends, This happened one Saturday morning. As I twisted open the door of the steely grey mirrored Godrej Almirah staidly sitting pretty in a corner of the spare bedroom, I stood for a moment inhaling the mixed smell of dusted sandalwood and naphthalene balls. Realizing I had opened it after quite a while,my mind raced … Continue reading Mrs Bhagambhaag – Sari on the Run

Up, Close & Personal

Recently, I had attended a Literature festival in Chennai. Day#1 was filled with interesting sessions with renowned personalities from the world of politics, media, literature and movies. For the initial sessions though seated closer to the back of the auditorium, we had an excellent view of the speakers – both live on the large TV … Continue reading Up, Close & Personal

Araikasu Amman – The Goddess of Lost Things

The first person who most likely comes to our minds when we are desperately searching for lost things is – God! Irrespective of how religious we are normally or how regular we are in our prayers, whenever we misplace something important and cannot locate it, we send out a cry for help to the divine … Continue reading Araikasu Amman – The Goddess of Lost Things

The Runaway Brother

Disclaimer: The following story is 98% fictional  built on 2% facts and hopefully be received by all in good humor! On seeing more than the usual crowd of gentlemen gathered on the pyol (entrance porch of traditional Tamilian homes comprising of a raised platform supported by pillars) of our home, Paati (Grandmother) quickened her pace, … Continue reading The Runaway Brother

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